Meet The Lostlings


Tim started his career as a concept artist for a major toy company but, with the help of his wife Lori, went independent in 2022. Together, they create original characters based on animals, objects, pop culture, and anything that inspires them. These characters are made in-house out of resin, hand painted, and come with a card featuring original artwork and character background.
With two new playfully cute characters released every month, there’s sure to be one you’ll want to welcome into your home.

the original


our original characters in a 2 inch form factor. Each is created in resin and hand painted.

Test Your Luck

Mystery Capsule

Colorful mini "Spirit-lings" and "Tchotchkes" are available as blindbox style figures. Each half-size figure is a mystery color and character.

"Spirit-lings" Are all of our animal and creature characters. (Dogs, Bunny, Dragon)

"Tchotchkies" include all our inanimate object characters. (Heart, Poo, VideoGame systems)

our art platform


Coming soon...